2018 review top environmental news and more highlights - 2018 Review: Top Environmental News and More Highlights

2018 Review: Top Environmental News and More Highlights

“2018 Is On Track To Be the Fourth Hottest Year On Record, Scientists Say” (Time)

“Looking Back at 2018: Ten People Who Mattered This Year” (Nature)

“Conservation Biologists Share 2018 Wildlife Success Stories” (Leader-Telegraph)

“What You Need to Know About the New IPCC Climate Report”

“The Heatwave was a Wake-Up Call: Readers on a Year of Climate Change Anxiety” (Guardian)

“The Most Terrifying Climate Disasters of 2018” (Earther)

“America’s Year of Extreme Weather, in Pictures” (Guardian)

“Bolsonaro, Paris and 1.5C: A Guide to Our Top Stories of 2018” (Climate Home News)

2018 Conservation Wins, Part One and Part Two (Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute)

“Climate Stories You Might Have Missed in 2018” (New York Times)

“6 Times the Environment Won in 2018” (Grist)


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